Do What Makes You Happy

Seriously. Just do it.

Live for yourself. Do that thing you’ve always wanted to do. Stop putting it off. Treat yourself, quit your job, buy that plane ticket. You deserve it.

Every decision you make forges your path. How do you want to tell your story? Do you know yourself? Like truly and honestly know yourself? Think about it. Think about how you want your story to go.

I’ve started to think more about my story and how I want the book to read. I don’t want to work a nine-to-five for the rest of my life. To live to work, and not work to live is one of my biggest fears.

Go out there and do what makes you happy, whatever it is. There’s no better time than now. There will never be a perfect time. You have to make the time.

Now go make the time and do what makes you happy.



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