Body Paint Inspiration w/ Tyna Garza

Long time friend and basically my new muse, I present to you, Tyna. As much as I would love to take credit for this set, she was the mastermind behind the concept. I helped facilitate the technicalities, like location and pushing a button and stuff, but she’s a true creative! Walking a fine line with this concept was no easy task, but I think we did a stand up job.

*pats self on back*

I shot the first bunch on Portra 400 and pushed it a stop on the Nikon FM2n. Portra never disappoints, it’s color pallet is amongst my favorite. The second bunch was shot on Cinestill 800, which I learned a lot from during this shoot. This was the first time I’ve shot Cinestill, and now understand how light hungry this stock is. I’m going to crown it “the Ektar of 800 speed film”.

So here you go, I hope you enjoy. You can follow Tyna on instagram @tynagarza and myself @hammtography.

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