Why Do You Make Photos?

Hello there,

I make photos because of the challenge. The challenge of capturing something (hopefully) compelling. And being able to influence someone through my work.

I truly enjoy the act of making photos. Getting the settings right and capturing something I am proud of is what does it for me. I hope to one day possess the ability to have someone, somewhere recognize my work.

Photography? Or Writing? OR BOTH?


Both is kind of a funny word don’t you think? Maybe just seeing it written out so many consecutive times is what’s throwing me off.

But why do you make photos?

I’m truly curious to know why you make photos. What drives you to go out and make a great photo? Not only that, but what do you enjoy shooting? What is your ‘niche’?

I’d like to think that my ‘niche’ would be street with a mixed bit of portraits.

Shooting street photography to me is the biggest challenge I think I can constantly face. By this I mean that I can spend hours roaming the streets or parks or whatever, and come up empty handed. This is disheartening, I must admit; but it is not the end-all-be-all.

Strive to overcome.

Do not get discouraged by your photos. Revel in the non-appeasing and down-right-disgusting work you can produce from time-to-time. We all do it. Don’t lie to yourself. Even the best will admit that they too can face the same challenges. We’re all human after all.

This however, is what I believe makes you grow. Embracing your failures and capitalizing on the opportunity to learn from your mistakes.

So please share with me why you makes photos. Share some of your work with me down below in the comments, or via email: alexhammphotos@gmail.com

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