FujiFilm Superia 1600 (roll 1)

I’m so stoked about this film I just got back and I want to share. I shot FujiFilm Superia 1600 in Downtown Houston on Super Bowl weekend at night. Film ASA equates to that of your DSLR’s ISO setting. You want a higher ASA/ISO as it gets darker to compensate for the lack of available light.994300039943000499430005

This film performed beautifully at night. I didn’t have a flash, but just a 50mm f/1.4 Pentax K1000. I was honestly super nervous about how this would perform in the dark. I was not let down.

994300069943000799430028I wish I hadn’t of underexposed the House of Blues image, but I think the excessive grain adds a cool touch. I really tried to push this film in a dark setting as you’ll see below. Notice how well this film reaches color in the corners. The screen on the computer lights up the bartenders face in a dark bar. It’s very forgiving at slow shutter speeds.


I hope you enjoyed! I have some black & white film off to be developed, I can’t wait to share those with you.

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