Trip Recap!

My apologies on the tardiness and lack of posts! That seven day trip up the NW Pacific coast took more out of me than I thought it would. I’ve finally caught up on sleep and have another few days off for the holidays. Nonetheless, I would love to share my experience and a few photos I took along the way.

Portland, OR:

Day 1 in Portland, OR started as I believe anyone’s trip should have: with a good brewery lunch. I stopped by The Hair of the Dog and had a killer brisket, cooked to sweet perfection. Day 2 brought about 6 inches of snow and shut down the city. Unbeknownst to me, the city of Portland does not receive tons of snow annually. Mt. Hood was the next stop, while hitting up yet another brewery on the mountain. On our way down the mountain, we meandered off the road into what turned out to be a part of the Oregon Trail. We mosey’d on down a secluded river and I was able to capture this beauty:

The city vibes were some that I most certainly related too. Everyone that I crossed paths with was incredible outgoing, friendly and just never seemed to be in a hurry. This was most notable on the highway. While coming from Houston, TX — it’s a fight down the highway to beat the jackass in the lane next to you to go anywhere. While driving in Portland, OR I found that drivers drove rather nonchalant and slow (for my taste). Portland, OR is also split in two by the Columbia river, making “downtown” not as central as one would think. All-in-all, Portland was a great place to visit and I highly recommend.

Seattle, WA:

Now my trip to Seattle, WA started out on a pretty funny (in hindsight) note. I booked my week-long stay between two airbnb’s. However, I accidentally forgot to book a room for Friday night. Waking up late on Friday morning we intended to sleep in and shoot for a late brunch. While getting ready for the day my phone buzzes: “prepare to check out of your airbnb!”. While trying to persuade an additional night ended up being a failure, we packed up and headed to Seattle a day early with nowhere to stay. The drive was about 3.5 hours if you drive straight through. Of course I was there to do anything ‘traditional’, so we detoured about 2 hours along the way to see Mt. St. Helens. Here’s an awesome pic of me with the mountain:

Finally arrived in Seattle later in the evening and booked a cheap room for the night. By this point in the trip we had not had Mexican food in what felt like too long. Finding The Saint in the Capitol Hill district of Seattle, we scarfed down some awesome tacos and margs; I recommend you stop by if you’re in the area.

Seattle reminded me more of Houston than Portland. While I spent my time there, I noticed that everyone seemed to have an agenda — and were always in a rush. This city also had a grungy feel, as most of the building were rather old. Nonetheless, Seattle seemed to be literally built into the side of a mountain. There were so many hills! This was one of the most beautiful cities I have personally visited; it sits near a large body of water and is surrounded by mountains.

Whatever you do, visit the Pikes Public Market if you’re in town. You could literally spend an entire day there. I enjoyed checking out the free trade market, you can find just about anything if you look hard enough. Tons of shops from produce, fish, meat, spices, clothing, picture frames, knives, comics, cafe’s, book store and more lined the streets and warehouse. It’s a must for all passerby’s.

Check out my Instagram page for more pics from my trip. I have tons of photos to share. I hope everyone’s have a great holiday season with friends and family. Don’t forget it’s a process!

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