Portland, Yeah! Seattle, Yeah!

In exactly 14 days I will be boarding a flight for Portland, OR (but whose counting). I have plans to travel to Seattle, WA for a portion of the trip as well. I’ve been shooting for nearly 6 months now, but this will be my biggest test yet. As noted, I’m a Texas man; meaning I don’t get to see the snow very often. Sure I’ve traveled here and there – spent a few winters visiting Iowa, but have no real experience shooting in the snow / cold conditions.

For 7 days I’ll be on the road traveling all over OR and WA attempting to capture as much of the NW Pacific Coast as possible. I’ve read tons of different articles headlining “Must See”, but would love some feedback from natives or travelers who’ve been through the area! I’m stoked to get some new colors in my shots – real greens, maybe some left over fall oranges and yellows; we don’t get these in Texas. The mountain tops are a must for me, adding depth will be a real treat from the flat lands of South, Texas.

Portland apparently is the utopia for craft beers and coffee (me in a nutshell) and I’d like to hear some suggestions of brewers to hit up! Below is a brief list of locations I’ve scouted for my trip, please add to it:

  1. Oneonta Gorge
  2. Multnomah Falls
  3. Japanese Garden (Portland)
  4. Cannon Beach (Portland)
  5. South Park Blocks (Portland)
  6. St. John’s Bridge (Portland)
  7. Wells Fargo Center (Portland)
  8. Space Needle (Seattle)
  9. Pike’s Place Market (Seattle)
  10. Olympic National Park (Seattle)
  11. Grand Coulee Dam (Seattle)

Thanks for keeping up and I can’t wait to hit the road; and remember… it’s a process.

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